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Info, CKRC Battery Forward Plate For The Wraith.

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Basic direction for installing CKRC's battery forward plate. 

This kit fits all standard size 6 cell battery packs, and 7,4v lipo batteries. If you plan on running a larger 11.1v lipo, battery modification to the dash bars may be necessary depending on the size of your battery. The directions for this are covered on step 18. The largest battery we have used is the CKRC 11.1v 5800mah lipo. The dimensions can be found  ***HERE***   

1. Remove the following for assembly:
hood mounting post (ax80076),
receiver box,
interior cross brace (ax80089),
roof panel, 
roof cross braces,  
and speed control.
It should look something like this. 

2. Remove the 4 screws holding down the front shock mounts where they meet the chassis (ax80077). This will make assembly easier.

3. Install the CKRC plate into the chassis with the counter sunk hole facing upwards. You will have to slide the plate in between the chassis and the front shock mounts as shown. 

4. Install the 4 shock mount screws back into the chassis. 

5. Install the factory velcro straps as shown. Also install the supplied 3mm screws into the CKRC plate. The flat screw will be used towards the back of the plate in the counter sunk hole. The button head screw will be mounted under the receiver box.  (1-3x12mm button, 1-3x12mm flat). Install the supplied 3mm nuts to these two screws. Don't over tighten them!

6. Install the receiver box to the CKRC plate with the three factory screws. 

7. Re-install the the chassis cross brace(ax80089) and hood mounting post(ax80076). At this time you can install your battery if you choose. When the install is complete the battery is easily removable with only the hood having to be removed. 

8. The CKRC plate is now installed.
Optional: If you are running the stock radio, you will need to drill a small hole in the hood for the antenna tube. 

Interior modification:

9. Next we will be modifying the interior panels. This will get a little tricky and the final design is up to you. You will need to cut the lexan panels in a few areas and fold the lexan to crease it in others. The ON/OFF switch will also have to be moved.

10. Start with the passenger side compartment.
 Mark a line straight down from the dash cross bar and then across to the outside of the floor. This is marked with a dotted line in the picture. The battery will be sitting against this area when you are done. 

11.Next is mark a line from where those two lines intersect to the front of the panel. This line is shown in solid black in the picture. 

12. Cut the black line to the intersecting marks with a pair of scissors. 

13. Now you will have to fold the largest flap straight and bend it back towards the seat and dash board. Its tricky, but you can fold it and crease the lexan to stay. 

14. We cut off the remaining floor piece going to the front of the car and the last edge of the center flap as shown. This is just in front of the new floor wall you folded. 

15. you will see the panel protrudes above the dash now as pictured. mark a line and cut off the excess. At this point it is recommended to try and install the interior to do a test fit.

16. Next is the drivers side. start by cutting the steering column shaft at the back of the dash board. Next follow the above steps for the drivers side. You will need to remove the dash to be able to fold the panel correctly.

17.  Thats it. Wire in your electronics and reassemble the car.   

18. 11.1v lipo modification:
 All that is needed to mount a larger 11.1v lipo is to cut the lower section of the dash crossbars (ax80089). You will simply remove the lower cross brace as pictured so a taller battery can fit under the hood.. 

19. If you are mounting a servo winch, you will need to cut out the following cross bracing as shown. 


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